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Happy Navratri 2019 - If this auspicious sign starts happening in Navratri, then understand that Mata Lakshmi is coming to your house.


Navratri has begun. During Navratri, the devotee worships the nine forms of the mother and performs fast vows to please the mother Lakshmi. If anyone starts to notice some of these signs during Navratri, then you should understand if this good sign starts happening in Navratri.

1. If a bride gives you a coin at Navratri, understand that your good times are beginning. Mother Lakshmi's great grace is being bestowed upon you. If you see a check giving a dream, understand that you will have money.

2. If you have a case in the dream that you win over it, then in the future you will be very happy.
3. If you are lending any money in a dream, this is also a sign of boosting your wealth.

4. If a white cow comes to your door suddenly in the morning during Navratri, this is also a sign of happiness. Such cows should not be killed off. But send her some green grass to feed.

5. If you find a coin on the road during Navratri, this is very auspicious. You can keep it in your store.

6. If you see a bride dressed in a dream during Navratri, realize that you have seen the vision of the real mother Lakshmi. May such a dream bring you happiness and prosperity in the time to come

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